Wooden Pens

My custom handcrafted wood pens and pencils are all turned by me in my workshop from a wide selection of rare and beautiful exotic woods from around the world.

if you have ever been stuck for that special gift then these pens as well as many other of my peices will make a perfect gift, through both there uniqueness and beauty

These fine quality wooden pens come in a variety of styles including 24ct Gold Plated, Silver irodium Plated, and Knickel for that brushed steel look. whats more every style is a available in a variety of the most unique and exotic of woods, and if that isnt enough variety for you then choose from twist pens, click pens, fountain pens, and retractable pencils. With all this choice there's one for every hand!

Infact there is so much choice you may find that not every type of pen shows every type of wood available so please have a browse through each section to get a feel for the woods.

hold your mouse over any picture for a breif description and Click on the pens to choose from our wide selection of wood fountain pens, wooden ballpoint pens, and Pencils - we also carry a full supply of refills for all our pens.

Limited Edition Wooden Emporer Fountain Pen

Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Other Wooden Pens in the Executive Collection wooden gentlemens-pen wooden imperial-pen wooden jr-statesman wooden panache-pen wooden statesman-pen

Rhodium Plated Pen collection

Rhodium Plated Pencil collection

silver pencil

24kt Gold Pen collection

24kt Gold Fountain Pen collection

jarrah fountain pen

24kt Gold Pencil Collection

Satin Silver Gel Pen collection

Satin Silver fountain Pen collection

Satin Silver Pen collection

Wenge twist pen

Wooden Presentation Boxes




Amazing Beauty

Ancient Kauri

30,000 years old

Red Mallee burr Bowl